Block A: Occupational Skills

Electronic Digital Calipers These dimensional measuring tools will perform inside, outside, and depth measurements to half a thousandth or 0.0005” accuracy.

Standard Micrometers a standard outside micrometer consists of a frame in the shape of the letter G: on one side of the frame is a fixed anvil and on the other is a spindle assembly.

Metric Micrometers all metric micrometer have a scale that reads 25 mm and, from the zero measurement when the spindle contacts the anvil, must be turned through 50 rotations.

Vernier Caliper



Truck and bus technician use oxyacetylene for heating and cutting probably on a daily basis; Less commonly this equipment is used for brazing and welding. Acetylene is an unstable gas produced by immersing calcium carbide in water. It is stored in a compressed state and dissolved in acetone at a pressure of approximately 250 psi (1.72MPa).

EYE PROTECTION: The flame radiates ultraviolet light, which can damage eyesight.

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